6 Sensational photos in Salar de Uyuni

This breathtaking land is the largest salt flat in the world. Spanning over 10,582 square kilometers the Salt flats (or Salar de Uyuni) attract many backpackers every year. The white canvas we know as Salar de Uyuni hosts the hugely popular road race, The Dakar Rally, but one of the best ways to travel across it is by 4x4 jeep. Our three-day jeep trip started in San Pedro de Atacama while ending in the town of Uyuni with our last stop at Salar de Uyuni. The final day left us sitting on a traditional Bolivian blanket in the middle of the salt flats, where we devoured our lunch of chicken and rice ogling the magnificent landscape that was all around us. Like most backpackers we were thrilled with the 100s of creative snapshots we had just taken. Just minutes before we were jumping above the horizon, standing on giant bottles of suncream, shrinking our friends to little people, developed supernatural powers to lift women and move men with our sorcery tricks. Here are our 6 sensational photos that will inspire you to create your own extraordinary tale of your Salar de Uyuni adventure.

On Cloud Nine

The Salt Flats are no stranger to the rain or thunderstorms like most places in Bolivia during wet season. What makes this place unique is that when it rains the rainwater residue acts like a mirror; reflecting the clouds above. This, of course, makes for an awesome picture and as you can see only for the small hills in the distance this picture looks like there is no horizon and that we are standing on the clouds.

The little people

There are so many ways to make your travelling companions look like little people or magical creatures. My personal favourite is the where it literally looks like you are clutching them in your hand looking like the next installment of "Honey I shrunk the... backpacker"!

Using props

A lot of backpackers bring props for their creative Salar de Uyuni snapshots. Some use hats as if they have captured all the little people, we even met a couple who brought a banana and miniature flag for a "banana boat". We however, had a bottle of suncream giving the illusion of a circus balancing act.

Super human strength

Ever wanted to attain superhuman strength, well now you can in Salar de Uyuni. Balance your friends in the palms of your hands! Of course, you don't only need people, lifting mountains can be just as easy in Salar de Uyuni. Careful though you need to get the point of equilibrium just right for this photo to tip the scales as one of our favorites.

Add more magic and be creative

Our fellow backpackers took on magical powers, using their powers to shove people out of their pathway! As you can see it makes a great photo! Kaboom!

The jumper

Lastly... the jump! Everyone wants to jump above the horizon but I decided to throw in a little twist.. or (roundhouse) kick depending on which way you look at it!

Written by Lisa O'Leary

Photos by: Lisa O'Leary, Graham White, Monika Feurstein.