4 Favourites We Craved

If you’ve watched the music video to Home by Ryan Sheridan you will see a bunch of people, Irish celebs included, announcing what they miss the most and when I watched it for the first time, being Irish myself I agreed with approx 80%.
Trekking through the Patagonian mountains, seeing Fitzroy for the first time or sitting on a small boat zipping through the Amazon listening to the birds chirping and monkeys howling you certainly do not miss those little home comforts. However, when you’re wide awake in the middle of the night on a bus window in the middle of a 17-hour bus journey or lying on your hostel bed after a 4-day trekking adventure with an aching body, it’s the little things you wish for, even just for a moment. There are the simple things in life that you miss most when you travel, like a hot shower, and good conversation which is achievable, but a strong pot of a cup of tea or some good cheese is a little harder to attain.
Here are four of our favourites we craved, and where you can find them.

1. Hot chocolate, crepes and sundaes

Some treks provide hot chocolate but it is more of the instant kind and a lot of cafes make their hot chocolate with condensed milk. You can find some of the pretty good chocolate in Argentina’s San Carlos de Bariloche, where chocolatiers are plentiful and cafes serve a good hot chocolate with some delicious cakes on Moreno and San Martin, our favourite was Frantom Chocolates Cafe. Hot chocolate and fresh cream cakes are plentiful.

The best places we found crepes was in a little Artisan cafe in Cusco. On Carmen Alto you will find a tiny place tucked away called La Boheme Creperia. You can have a delicious hot chocolate, a crepe of any kind with fruit or sweets of your choice. They are simply irresistible.

In Arequipa there is the best of all worlds, great creperia with amazing cakes, hot chocolate, and coffee and most importantly sundaes. Talk a walk along Mercaderes and find Capriccio or Mamut so find a selection of luxury cake

2. Good Cheese

Many backpackers we met craved cheese. It was this wonderful conversation starter. Much like starting a conversation about the weather, where to find good cheese through Bolivia and Peru was top of many agendas. Milk and cheese is a luxury to most in Peru and Bolivia so finding good cheese can be difficult, however, we found a hidden gem in San Blas Cusco where delicious cheese melts and fresh bread is served. Le Buffet Frances is actually French-owned creating a relaxed homely atmosphere serving good cheese, homemade bread, and other delightful homemade treats.

In Chile & Argentina, there are many supermarkets that sell cheese but try some quesira’s cheese shops in Vina del Mar and you won’t be disappointed.

3. An Full Irish (or English) breakfast

If you are particularly fond of a full Irish breakfast, Jacks Cafe in Cusco will not leave you disappointed. The full breakfast is complete with bacon, beans, tomatoes, mushrooms, hash browns, and eggs whichever way you like. If you are fond of the freshly baked bread and pot of tea in the morning then Jacks Cafe will certainly leave you feeling satisfied. Just like any greasy spoon that serves the most important meal of the day, it is accompanied by toasted thick fresh bread and large tea in a mug or ceramic pot.

4. (Real) Butter

There weren’t many things I missed, but I did miss a real butter. Close to my heart even if it is bad for it, there is nothing quite like eating fresh bread and “real Irish butter”, not margarine, but butter. Surprisingly I found it! I wasn’t exactly searching for it, but tucked away on the top shelf in “Jumbo” a supermarket in La Serena there is was! The golden bar of sunshine – Kerry Gold!
Although you might find yourself missing some of your old favourites South America has plenty of tasty treats. Click to see our favourite’s food and drink.

Written by Lisa O'Leary

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