Valparaiso Murals, Chile

Valparaiso is approximately 1.5 hours north of Santiago, which is about 120KM from the capital. Once famous for it's bustling Port, it has now something more unique to offer,  Museo a Cielo Abierto (Open Air Museum). The city is host to Latin America's oldest stock exchange and the Chilean's first house with indoor plumbing but most importantly it offers visitors a colourful and vibrant outdoor museum. Every year musicians and artists take to the streets to keep the city alive with music and art. With murals on every corner, it's impossible to capture them all in this beautiful Unesco World Heritage Site.


Here are just some of the murals we found along the way. 

Dancing Child

This one makes us want to dance among the stars. Hidden away in the walls of a house that is protected by Unesco World Heritage Site. 

President Allende

 This mural of President Allende, representing the political history that is steeped within the city. Valparaiso is the city where two of the most influential political figures in Chilean history, Salvador Allende and Augusto Pinochet, were born. A hero to many across the country, it's only natural we would find a mural, President Allende. 


This one has similarities of Van Gogh's Wheat fields paintings. It makes me grateful for not only beautiful art but the farmers that work everyday wind, rain or shine so we can eat. It's situated very close to the Allende mural so I can't help feel it has a more political connection.

Piano Stairs

The piano stairs are one of many murals that represent the music and culture that is within the city. Every year artists and musicians take to the streets and give some of the best free street performances you will find in Chile.

Two Men

The comradery that we share with one another during a long day and how we make friends along the way. It reminds us of the times we have our friends to lean on and give us strength and happiness.

Two Women

This mural can be seen from the Valparaiso Hills. Take one of the funiculars to the top of the hills to see the murals are a bird's eye view.

Sideways Ekeko by INTI

This mural was painted by famous mural artist INTI Castro. Found only by standing at the top of Valparaiso overlooking the city. Inti Castro is one of many artists who offer their art to the open air museum.


Take a moment to think about what this man is feeling. What desires does he have? Maybe its freedom, maybe its pain, maybe he is relaxed and feeling nothing. Is he dreaming or singing or smokin', what do you think?

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