Amazon River Pampas, Bolivia

17 Amazing Amazon Facts

There are pretty amazing facts about the Amazon, and just like the species found there are too many to count. While you may not want to sit down and watch BBC's documentary series Amazon Wildlife here are some pretty awesome facts we think you should know.

  1. The Amazon crosses eight South American countries such as Brazil, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Columbia, Venezuela, Guyana, and Suriname.
  2. The Amazon produces 20% of the earth’s oxygen which is why it's known as the lungs of the planet.
  3. Scientist's say there are 10 million species of animals, plants, and insects in the world with over half of them living in the Amazon rainforest.
  4. A single square mile of the rainforest houses more than 50,000 insect species.
  5. To date, at least 40,000 plant species in total living in the Amazon.
  6. There are 427 mammals including Jaguars, the Pink Dolphin, anteater and giant otter in the Amazon jungle.
  7. The Amazon gives a home to 1,300 birds like harpy eagle, Toucans, and Hoatzin.
  8. The vegetation feeds 378 reptiles and more than 400 amphibians as well as the dart-poison frog.
  9. The Amazonian River is approximately 6400 kilometers (4000 miles) and during the wet season, it can 190 kilometers in width.
  10. The Amazonian River is the most voluminous river in the world.
  11. In the last 50 years, approx 17% of the forest has been lost mostly due to forest conversion for cattle ranching.
  12. Historians suggest that in 1492 at least eight million lived off the land around the Amazon.
  13. In 1952 Che Guevera swam from one side of the Amazon River to the other reach and help a colony of leper patients.
  14. On 25th January 2017, a luxury cruise ship called Queen Victoria became the largest cruise ship to sail the Amazon River to date.
  15. The largest flood in the Amazon river occurred in 1953.
  16. The longest anaconda in the Amazon jungle was found in 2016, recording 17 ft long.
  17. Some tribes in Amazon jungle believe the anaconda gives them great spiritual power.


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