Why I love the outdoors

3 things my mother said to me as a child that made me love traveling and outdoor adventures.

When the weather was sunny and dry she said; "Come on, get dressed, we're going on a drive".

This meant driving through the mountains, stopping at lakes for picnics and exploring the countryside. As an adult, I appreciate nature's beauty and always look forward to my next adventure.

When I told her I was bored, she said; "play with your dolls and take them on an adventure".

I imagined all sorts of adventures. Those dolls visited the most amazing beaches, climbed the tallest mountains and of course, explored the world. Now, trekking mountains and discovering new historical places is always exciting.

When I was sick, she said: "Let's build a tent".

She took the sheets, blankets, and pillows out of the closet so I could build my tent. I remember one summer, my neighbor and I had chicken pox. We were not allowed near any other children. We were not in any pain and had no temperature so our mother's allowed us to build a tent in the back garden (yard). We stayed in the garden until night-time, lying under the bright stars. Inside or out my days spent in those tents developed my love for camping.

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