Argentina has it all! From the bright lights of city life in Buenos Aires, beautiful beaches in Mar del Plata, penguins in Punto Tumbo and Trekking the 'End of the World' in Patagonia there is so much to do in Argentina. We have put together a simple synopsis of the most popular towns and cities with plenty of activities to suit all.


Buenos Aires

The capital city of Argentina, Buenos Aires is an historical city you can spend a lot of time in and still not see it all. Most popular places to visit include La Boca, Palermo Park, Recoleta Cemetery or simply go see a free tango show in San Telmo. Full of history you will walk in the shoes of San Martin and Belgrano. Dance the dance of love and see the city that has imitated French and Italian architecture.

Must Do’s

  • Take a walking tour with Adam from Demasiado Tours, he will take you to all the historical places around the city including the resting places of San Martin and Belgrano and will show you Pope Francis’s barber! He will also bring you to 'Feria de Mataderos' which hosts a large fair every Sunday. This is a great opportunity to get familiar with the city from the start, immerse yourself in the culture and meet fellow backpackers from around the world.
  • Take a bus to the iconic Caminito La Boca. Most popular buses are the 29 and 64, see the colourful houses, get lost in the Tango, visit the street markets or simply relax outside at one of the many restaurants and enjoy some great food and fine wine.
  • Try some Gelato there are some really great heladería's for you to sample some “Helado”. (Ice-cream to me and you). Try the famous dulce-leche and you won’t be disappointed.
  • Have a steak or a pizza, Argentinians boast about their food but try out a steak or “Lomo bistec” there are pizzerias and steak houses a plenty throughout Buenos Aires. Better enjoyed with a glass of Melbec wine.


Rosario lies approx 3 hours from Buenos Aires City. Here the first Argentinian flag was raised by Manuel Belgrano. Rosario lies on the Rio Paraná river and was once busy a port city. Tourists can enjoy a walk along the river or visit one of the many bars dotted around the city.

Must Do’s

  •  Visit the national monument of the flag “Monumento Nacional a la Bandera”, shaped like a ship you can climb to the top and witness a spectacular view of the city and the length of the Rio Paraná river.
  • Take a walk along the river’s promenade to see the sunset over the river in the evening, it’s full of life from dog walkers to jugglers to outdoor fitness classes.
  • Relax and watch the ships go by at Rosario's private beach “La Florida”.
  • Take time to visit the iconic revolutionary Che Guevera's first home at 480 Entre Ríos St. 'La Casa del Che'.


Cordoba is the second biggest city of Argentina. It's famous for their University 'Universidad de Cordoba'. This is a good place for backpackers to mingle with local students and to go out for the night clubbing and dancing. Most of the bars are in the Barrio area otherwise known as "Nueva Cordoba".

Must Do’s

  •  Take a visit to Paseo de Las Artes in the Barrio Güemes. It's on every weekend in the evenings where you can buy lots of nice handmade works, food and listen to live music.
  • Visit the magnificent surrounding landscape, "Las Sierras de Cordoba". It can be busy during summer, find a nice river and shade from the sun and escape the busy city life. A tour on horseback through the sierras, a perfect way to experience this landscape.
  • Try an Empanadas Arabés and Criollos/Criollitos, a delicious kind of pastry.


Mendoza has not to be missed as this is a town with plenty of things to do like rafting through rapids, ziplining, skydiving, horse riding through the nearby mountains or renting bikes to visit a vineyard. It has an abundance of restaurants, resto-bars and clubs where everyone can enjoy some good local food, some Melbec from the local vineyards, party and hang out with fellow backpackers. Renowned for their vineyards Mendoza produces most of the country’s wine and in particular Melbec. Mendoza is a major border crossing city, with Santiago being the next stop on the Chilean side.

Must Do’s

  • Take a tour to a vineyard and see how they turn the grapes into free-flowing wine and learn how to be a true wine connoisseur and experience the freshness of Melbec...should you opt to get drunk, like most backpackers, we advise not visiting the vineyards by bike! The tour bus is the best option which most hostels will happily organize for you.
  • Go rafting! One of the cheaper and more enjoyable places to take to the rapids in Argentina.
  • Take the horse riding tour with 'Los Pingos'. The night finishes with an “Asado” at a farmhouse, the guide plays his guitar and sings for the guests as they enjoy a delicious BBQ and plenty of Melbec wine. Vegetarian options can be arranged just let them know in advance. All tips go towards rescuing animals, which you will meet at the farm.
  • Visit a lively resto-bar for some late night food, Melbec or Mojitos along the main strip, Av. Villanueva Aristides. The parties can go long into the night at the weekends!


Bariloche resembles a skiing town in the European Alps. Majestic snow peaked mountains surround the city so it is hard not to spend a few days here immersing yourself in nature and taking one of the many available treks. Make sure you pick up a full map of Bariloche's available treks from one of the many tourist offices in the area. You will spend days exploring the mountains and witnessing some of the most spectacular views you could ever wish to see in South America. If you’re a chocolate lover there are many delightful treats to indulge in. Bariloche is also a popular place to cross over into Chile with only a 5-hour drive to Osorno. Adventure activities are also available such as rafting the rapids make sure to shop around for a good price.

Must Do’s

  • Take a chairlift to the top of Cerro Campinario to take a ton of pictures and take in a full picturesque 360 view of Bariloche. This is an absolute must see. For those that love to trek, it is also possible to climb the mountain instead.
  • Take a chairlift to the top of Cerro Campinario to take a ton of pictures and take in a full picturesque 360 view of Bariloche. This is an absolute must see. For those that love to trek, it is also possible to climb the mountain instead.
  • Try some Helado, chocolate, and cake from one of the many local bakeries, cafes or chocolatiers along 'San Carlos de Bariloche'.
  • Take a trip to Cerro Cathedral where you will find ski-lifts, treks trails and a chance to explore the beautiful surrounding wilderness. Here you can also trek around the mountain of Cerro Cathedral and make your way to Refugio Frey where you can spend the night.
  • Try a churrasco from a local “corner shop” on Calle Urquiza and enjoy it in the small park across the street. Handy for hungry backpackers on a budget too!

El Calafate

Located down south of Patagonia El Calafate is a popular town where tourists start their tour to the magnificent Perito Moreno Glacier and learn about the giant glacier in the local museum. This is one of the most popular attractions in Argentina with a magnitude of 3 miles long and 15 stories high. It grows 7 foot each day even with giant walls of ice breaking off regularly every single day . El Calafate is a place where not only backpackers enjoy but Argentinians vacate here too. This town is a little more expensive than more northern towns but it also has something quite unique.

Must Do's

  • Take a bus to Perito Moreno from the local bus terminal and watch it dissolve right before your eyes. You’ll hear the crackling of the ice echo throughout the valley and if you're lucky enough you will witness a huge chunk of ice break off the glacier and crash into the lake. Be careful though wear sunscreen and glasses to protect yourself from the rays that bounce off the Glacier. It may be cold but the brightness of the ice can be blinding when the sun is out and so many backpackers come back to their hostel sunburnt.

El Chalten

This small town is used as a place to catch a few zzzs before trekking the surrounding mountains. Located just 3 hours from El Calafate. The base of Cerro Fitzroy is a 9km walk from this town. Here it is possible to rent camping equipment and stock up on food before taking to the mountains. You can rent tents, sleeping bags, mats and cooking equipment such as gas canisters. Be sure to check the rental gear before you rent. Word to the wise, this town does not accept chip and pin cards so the ATMs never work, be sure to bring enough cash with you to see you through your trip. Between here and Chile’s Torres del Paine Patagonia’s beauty is like a fairy tale with stunning landscape and views you will not forget in a hurry. This is a must for all outdoor enthusiasts, one of the best places the Patagonian Andes has to offer.

Must Do’s

  • Trek to Laguna Torre and spend the night at the base. There is also the option of soaking in the night time views as the moon reflects off the lake. Excellent stargazing location.
  • Trek to Laguna Torre and spend the night at the base. There is also the option of soaking in the night time views as the moon reflects off the lake. Excellent stargazing location.
  • Climb the trail to see the immense Cerro Fitzroy up close. From the base of the mountain, it will take approximately 2 hours to climb to the top. It is physically challenging, very steep and can be tricky in wet conditions, but when you reach the top it will all be worth it.
  • Take the path less traveled climbing over huge boulders, traversing your way along rivers and over hills to find a small glacier called Glacier Piedras Blancas. Here you will find countless small blocks of ice floating right past you along the river from the lake. Bring a packed lunch and enjoy the view. This is approximately 1.5-2hrs trek from the base of Cerro Fitzroy.
  • After your days of trekking, the Patagonian wilderness, you can enjoy a nice hot shower and hit the local town for some steak and chips followed by a nice glass of wine or local beer.