A Girls Packing Guide

What should a girl bring?

Packing is always difficult whether you are going on a short girly weekend or backpacking through South America for a few months. So for a trip with different weather situations in all size towns here’s a simple guide to packing.

The Clothes

A sports bra

Top of the list for all the sporting activities including trekking you need something supportive

A normal bra (or 2)

For every other day

7 pairs of underwear

You’ll be surprised how quickly these can run out, bring at least one clean pair a day. Plenty of places to replace them once you get into the trip

2-3 Sports & Regular Socks

Ideal for trekking in the sun, you’ll need them for walking all day whether you´re in the city or trekking a mountain

2 – 3 pairs of heavy duty trekking socks

These help with keeping the feet dry if you’re trekking in raining season

A bikini

You never know when there will be an opportunity for a dip in a hot spring. Plus it can be used as underwear if laundry day hasn’t come yet

4 vest tops

Plain vest tops can be used as an extra layer.Printed or silky vest tops can be switched between casual and a night out for a pub crawl with other hostellers

2 (or 3) t-shirts

Colorful, fitted, oversized, statement - it’s your choice.


This is almost like a comfort blanket especially on long bus journeys

Micro Fibre Towel

It takes up so much less space and dries quickly

Rain Jacket

Spend money on a good jacket

Combats/ trekking trousers

These are great for travelling as well as trekking. Best to get a pair with side pockets

Black Leggings

They are a travelling girls black dress

1 ¾ length sports bottoms

They will keep you cool when walking in the sun especially when trekking

2 long sleeve tops

Ideal for wearing under t-shirts, or use as a light jumper if the weather has a chill at night.

A camera

You’ll need it to capture all those amazing memories (don’t forget all your chargers)


Essential pain killers, Diarrhea tables, plasters, and Dioralyte sachets, a medicated cream for bites consult your doctor for your personal needs

A daytime backpack and a small handy bag for cities

Optional Items

  • Money Wallet - to wrap under your clothes
  • 1 light pair of trousers – handy for cooler evenings
  • A scarf – for Patagonia and if you plan to go sand boarding
  • Pair of Flip flops 
  • 1 pair of shorts - Preferably a pair that is universal for trekking, cities, beaches
  • 1 skirt or simple dress - Ideal for cities and warm nightts
  • A hat- A woolen hat is best but not a necessity
  • Gloves - Especially in raining season, handy for the early morning treks
  • Sun Glasses - they are essential but can be bought in every city
  • A separate bag for laundry - It´s never a good idea mixing up clean clothes with dirty clothes! Medium vacuum bags are best for this, they are strong and durable.
  • A washing line - You’ll be surprised when you need this
  • A wash bag for all toiletries
  • Pocket/Swiss Knife –You’ll need this for trekking
  • Malaria Tablets -if you’re planning a trip to the Amazon
  • Water purification Tablets - ideal for trekking
  • Trekking Boots - invest in a pair if you plan to trek
  • Bobbins – usually not a hair dryer in sight so bobbins are so important
  • Diary recording - reading back over your memories is great.
  • Tablet/ laptop –this is personal choice if you need it or not

Remember to leave room for extra clothes you buy like Alpaca Jumpers and free t-shirts that you gather along the way.