Safety Tips

  1. Don't carry too much cash on your person when walking around the populated cities.
  2. Don't bring your passport out with you. It's safer in your locked locker in the hostel. Make sure you take a copy of it or scan it your email in case it does get lost or stolen while travelling.
  3. Use your assigned locker or locked drawer even if you’re in a private room. Make sure everything is locked up before you leave your room. Cleaners are known to take things too.
  4. Always order a taxi from your hostel, they work with reputable companies and there will be a record of you leaving the hostel.
  5. If you need to get a taxi from a bus terminal make sure you see their i.d. before you get in And never get into an unmarked "taxi" with a guy wearing shades. Finally always agree a price too for your journey before you get in.
  6. Don’t always go with the cheapest options when travelling. Always try go with a reputable company. Ask your hostel staff who they recommend.
  7. When traveling on the buses keep your carry-on bag under your feet not up on the overhead compartment and have your money close to your person, in a zipped pocket.
  8. Have a first aid kit with you on your travels especially when trekking you will need it for any slips, trips or falls.
  9. When exchanging money in Argentina, count your money and inspect it and most importantly make sure it's not down a dark lane.
  10. Don't have your phone or camera out on the table at bars or restaurants. It will draw unnecessary attention.
  11. Be careful when getting street food, use common sense when deciding where to eat.
  12. Most importantly NEVER let your guard down - when common sense is absent so is your safety and wellbeing. We can only offer advice here, it’s up to each individual backpacker to know when to do the right thing and be safe! Danger can be lurking around any corner but once you use common sense you are on the right path.