Adrenaline Activities

There are so many tours to do in South America it’s difficult to decide when time or money is not on your side. Maybe you want to take in all the beauty and nature and history or you simply want to try something new…something dangerous …something fun. We’ve put together a adrenaline fuelled activities you can do when travelling

Climb A Volcano

Until recently you could climb Villarrica in Pucon, Chile. It takes 3 hours to walk up to the top of the snow capped volcano and with the help of a plastic sleigh it takes one hour to come down. For this exciting slide your instruction are “sin plastico, con plastico” (without plastic, with plastic) and with the help of your axe you can adjust your speed. Unfortunately in March of 2015 it erupted awakening from its dormant state which put a hold on this very exciting excursion. Not to worry another place you can climb a snow capped Volcano is in Arequipa, Peru. Misti can be seen from Arequipa. This trip is 3 day tour and you would need to be fairly fit to take it on. It has a very high altitude so breathing will be difficult. It is more difficult than the Villarrica but both struggles are worth the fight, the view from the top is literally out of this world.

Pucon Chile


The ultimate challenge of Bolivia has got to be cycling death road. Up until recently it held its title because it was the most dangerous road in the world. Have the wind in your hair as you pick up speed cycling down this 61Km road to the end. The trip itself takes about 3 hours with many stops along the way to look over the side. What an amazing feeling when you get when you reach the bottom ALIVE. You’ll feel like you’ve just conquered all your fears especially if those fears were cycling along a deadly road.



There are 2 places you can zip-line through a sea of greenery and mountains while overlooking the forests. Bolivia has its own zip-line at the bottom of death road. For an extra cost with Gravity you can reach speeds of up to 81km/ph. 3 zip-lines in total overlooking picturesque scenery. Also you’ll find a zip-line through the rain forest on your way to Machu Picchu. If you take the Salkantay Trek from Cusco be sure to ask about zip-lining. Amazing sights that you will never forget.


Paragliding off the edge of cliff in Lima has got to be the most invigorating moments in South America. Jumping off the Miraflores cliff for a mere $50 is a chance you probably won’t get again. The glide lasts approx 10 minutes where you are strapped onto the guide, sitting between his legs on seat. At the end you are giving your video and some stills to keep which is included in the price. You can re-live the moment over and over again.



Canyoning is very popular in Chile and Argentina. Bariloche canyoning is a full day with lots of water and pockets of deep water while in Pucon it is better for the beginner. Bariloche is double the price but double the heights climbing into pools of water, Pucon has high gushing waterfalls using different techniques to climb and abseil down the side of a water fall. In Pucon if you book with Informaciones tour group they finish in a little farm run by a lady, who brings you into her kitchen for some tea and homemade donuts. What a fabulous way to finish your day.

Sand Boarding

Sand boarding is a simple action filled day to have some childish fun. Sliding down a mountain of sand picking up speed until you fall flat on your face seems daunting but actually all you can do is laugh. In San Pedro for less than €30 or $50 you can do a half day trip with a guide or better yet rent some bikes and boards and do it yourself for as long as you like. Remember to bring lots of water because they don’t call it Death Valley for nothing. Beginners can find a low start while when the more adventurous among us find the highest hill addicted to gaining more and more speed as we slide down the sandy dune. You can also try sand boarding in Huacachina (Peru) too which is approximately 4-5 hours outside of Lima.

Sand Boarding San Pedro


Sky diving is one of the most adrenaline filled activity you can do not just in South America but around the globe. One of the more popular places to do sky diving is Mendoza, Argentina. Skydiving here is one of the cheaper places to do it across the globe.


Rafting is built on teamwork and instruction. If you want to feel the sheer power of free following water then this rapid water activity is a must. Many places along South America offer this activity. In Mendoza the rafting activity lasts a half day, but you can chill out at the ranch for the rest of the day. It reaches level 4 in rafting scales. Pucon is another popular place where this activity rocks.

Grade 4 rafting