City Tips

Buenos Aires


  1. Talk a free walking tour. This is not just a tip for Buenos Aires but for any major city. It introduces you to the city, give you a brief history and to appreciate the old buildings so you actually know what they represent.
  2. Get a good map, Buenos Aires is a big city. You will need a map and some advice to prioritize what exactly you are going to do first.
  3. Get a travelling card (Bip!) Try your hostel first but can be got from newsagents. Buses DO NOT TAKE CASH.
  4. If you want to get the best exchange rate exchange dollars or Euros for Pesos on Florida Street. Our advice is to look for a newsagent or florist, check the rate first online so you know what you are dealing with.
Buenos Aires


  1. Get the city tour bus to Parque General San Martin. Do not walk through the park, it’s dangerous!
  2. Book a good wine tour that will go to at least 3 wineries.
  3. For animal lovers we recommend Los Pingos Horse Riding BBQ /Asado. It’s fantastic after the 3 hours riding across Mendoza’s countryside, you can spend some time with rescued animals. After the Asado the guide plays his guitar and sings some great tunes. All tips go towards rescuing more animals which means you can have a good time while helping the animals.
  4. Remember Saturdays and Sundays shops close and people from Mendoza still take siesta every day too.
  5. Restaurants and bars are still open at night and restaurants serve food after midnight. Argentinans dinner time is usually 10pm so restaurants are full right up until 2pm.


  1. Excursions here are expensive compared to cities in Chile, Bolivia and Peru. Here we recommend exploring the many trails around the city for free instead.
  2. Moreno and San Martin is essentially the same road, different parts of the street.
  3. You need a bus ticket to travel on the bus, get one in the newsagent next to UNO Supermarcado on Moreno.


  1. Buy a flexible subway ticket to get around the city much easier.
  2. Bellavista is a popular area for bars clubs and restaurants.
  3. Be friendly to dogs, they will accompany you on your journey home. If you don’t like dogs, DO NOT MAKE EYE CONTACT.
  4. Visit the Human Rights Museum, you will not be disappointed. It takes you through Presidents Allendes final goodbye speech and right through Pincohet’s downfall.


  1. Stay around Cummings Street it is has most trendy bars and you don’t need use any street funiculars.
  2. A lot of buildings are protected by the UNESCO World Heritage site so you will see a lot of old ruins or protected buildings that have transformed them into beautiful restaurants.
  3. Appreciate the art and murals that come with the city it helps to understand the city’s culture. There are 100’s of them scattered throughout the city. Look out for INTI Castro’s work too. (More Muriel’s)
  4. Take a bus to Vina del Mar there is no reason to don’t stay there. The only real landmarks are a giant clock made from flowers and a creative sand artist. The beach can be disappointing to those who live in Europe and North America.


  1. A taxi costs approx 4 Bolivianos for every person in the taxi for anywhere inside the city.
  2. If visiting during carnival be prepared for water balloons been fired from all directions, do not be offended if you are targeted, our advice is to be prepared bring your own waterballoons.
  3. If you want to learn Spanish Sucre is one of the cheapest cities for lessons with multiple schools to choose from.
  4. Get a smoothie at the Central Market they give you a free second cup all for the price of $1.
  5. For great places to eat try Calle Calvo, Calle Bolivar, Calle Avoroa. On these streets you will find Chinese, a great vegetarian (Condor Cafe) restaurant, a sports bar (The Florin) and the Kultur Berlin disco bar/club.

La Paz

  1. It is situated in high altitude so to adjust drink coca tea, rest and stay hydrated. Some other side effects may include intolerance to alcohol, breathlessness, tiredness, and vivid dreams.
  2. Shop around for excursions there is a whole street of agencies next to the witches market
  3. Be careful where you eat, avoid eating from street vendors there are very little hygiene standards in Bolivia so choose carefully.


  1. If you’re not going during busy season (dry season) and if you don’t have your heart set on doing the Inka Trail, do not book ahead. There are plenty of agencies and for the same trip you may end up paying 3 times as much if you book before you get to Cusco.
  2. We recommend doing Salkantay trek as an alternative to Inka Trail. You still visit Machu Picchu on the last day. Conde Travel Adventures next to the Peru Hop does this trip at a great price – we shopped around and found these are best value for money.
  3. If want a tourist photo of a lady and a llama you will be asked to pay, but where else will you get the opportunity.
  4. Don’t always go with the cheapest “menu dia”, it’s not worth it the next day.  Trust us! Again choose wisely


  1. Don’t confuse Colca Canyon with Colca Valley these are 2 separate areas of the Canyon.
  2. Negotiate before you get into any taxi the difference can be significant.
  3. For the best bars and clubs are on Calle San Francisco.


  1. Only stay in Miraflores if you like a commercial city, its well developed and a real holiday feel to the area.
  2. There is no central bus terminal, Oltursa Bus Company has a terminal in Miraflores
  3. Its 55 PEN to the airport in a taxi.