Navigate the bus terminals

Navigating the South American Bus terminals

Backpacking can be exciting, however arriving at a new town or city having no clue which direction to find your hostel in, it can be stressful. Reaching bus terminals at 7am checking the lonely planet book (or app) and realising that the bus terminal isn't actually on the map can add stress levels to a tired backpacker. At this hour tourist information is closed, and the bus terminal mostly likely doesn't have free Wi-Fi so you’re left with 2 options, take a taxi or walk in a random direction til you reach a place that is on the map. Walking may take some time and in most cases, it’s the cheaper and can be the safer route.

So with this in mind here are some directions to help you find your way to the city and most importantly you hostels.

Take a look but please note: We cannot stress enough how much safety is so important when getting a taxi from the terminal. For the most part, taxi-men are safe but we plead that you exercise caution, look for identification and signs and if possible ask a member of the bus terminal staff to help you get a taxi. Also, when you need a taxi from the hostel, please ask the hostel reception to call you a taxi. This is the safest way to ensure you are taking a taxi from a reputable company.