Argentina’s Bus Terminals

Buenos Aires

From Terminal de Ómnibus de Retiro (Retiro Bus Station)
Leaving the main entrance you will see vendors selling socks and travel accessories, along with lots of local city buses. Unless you know exactly what bus to take and you've bought yourself a travel card (very important) you will most likely end up walking to the city.
Take a right at the main entrance, and keep walking straight. If you pass a major crossroads with a park on your left (Plaza Canadá and Torre Monumental) then you are going in the right direction. Reach Plaza San Martin and your half way to the main area. From here, cross the tip of the plaza, take a right. Going right will for approx 2 blocks which will lead you to Ave. 9 de Julio. Once you reach Ave. 9 de Julio, you can navigate your hostel’s street from here. Between Ave Cordoba and Ave Independencia there are many hostels nearby. (We stayed in Sabatico Travel Hostel which we highly recommend).

Rosario, Santa Fe

Rosario’s station small, in comparison to Buenos Aires but it has free WIFI which is plus. There are a few entrances and exits, however, to navigate this terminal it's quite simple, go out the doors with a row of taxis in front and take a right. (The exit is directly opposite the ticket offices). Exiting the building you will arrive on Santa Fe. Keep walking until you reach Orono Blvd which is the start of main shopping areas. Here you will find hostels and bars. It can take approx 30 minutes to get to this point.


Mendoza is tricky to navigate, as its shape curls. One of the major exits will lead you down some steps. Local bus stops will be at the bottom of these steps. To your right, there is a bridge. Walk towards this bridge but do not cross, walk right under it along the pathway. Finally, you will see major crossroads, cross straight ahead. Walk approx. 7 blocks to Av Colon where you will be able to navigate your hostel from here based on its address. This walk takes approx 30 minutes to reach Av Colon.

Note: If you exit the station and take a left, walk towards the busiest highway/road and continue straight. It will lead you to an array of hostels and shops and plazas.


Bariloche’s bus terminal is about 3km from the town. It is possible to walk and will save some money. So here's how, right outside the entrance you will see a taxi rank, walk past the taxis and continue straight ahead. You can't go wrong! Once you’ve passed a row of shops, start to see the lake on the right and you will meet a Cathedral to the left. This is the start of the town. It will take at least an hour to walk. You can also take the bus however you will need a bus card which can be bought inside the terminal. The number 21 will take you to the main shopping area which is between San Martin, Moreno, and Mitre.

El Calafate

El Calafate a small terminal and easy to navigate however you may be interested to know most of the Hospedajes are behind the bus station.
You are staying closer to the main street you simply walk out the side where the buses park and walk down the steps. Be careful though if have a hostel down here road signs are not always visible.
If you don't already have a hostel, we recommend going the opposite direction. Walk out of the terminal of what seems like the back entrance and walk down the short street. Left will take you to a nice colourful hostel which often has no vacancies however, cross the road where you will find Buenos Aires Street and there are plenty of options for cheap accommodation right along this street.