Bolivia’s Bus Terminals


There is no physical building for the central bus terminal in the Uyuni, however, there is an area where the buses arrive and depart and it is known as Terminal de Buses on Google Maps. Buses are parked on the road bus essentially it is the bus terminal. Walk a couple of blocks through a local market which is a pedestrian street, and past a Cathedral to find hostels located in Plaza Acre. (Approx 15 minutes) This plaza is next to Avenida Ferroviaria where there are a lot of travel agencies that will take you through the Salt Flats and onto San Pedro de Atacama.


Sucre’s bus terminal is small but once outside it is impossible to know which direction the city is in especially with no map, even the lonely planet book cannot help in Sucre! So here are our instructions. Exiting the main entrance into the parking lot, once out the gate and on the street, take a left. You need to walk uphill for approx 15 minutes. Keep walking until you reach a major intersection. Cross the road walking and slightly downhill to the right. Take the left turn at Guido Villagomez. Continue straight until you reach the start of the main area of Sucre. The bus terminal is approx 40-50 minutes walk to Plaza Armas. If that’s too much walking, you can also get a taxi which is approx 4Bolvinanos per person. We recommend walking simply because most buses arrive so early in the morning that the walk passes the time until you can enter into your hostel at a reasonable hour. (Our bus arrived at 6am).

La Paz

The bus will drop you off outside the bus terminal close to the taxi line. Some travellers believe taxis are not the safest here and so walking is a better option. Walk downhill, continue along the main road until you reach San Francisco Church (passing by a market). From here you will be able to navigate your way to your hostel. Lonely Planet can help from San Francisco Church. If however, you are travelling by Bolivia Hop, then there is no need to worry about directions. Bolivia Hop offers a pick-up and drop-off service (see more).


The main Square acts like a bus terminal. The closer you walk to the lake shore the more expensive hostels become. Walk towards the Cathedral hostels become cheaper. There is no need for any more directions as you are in the heart of the town.