Chile’s Bus Terminals


Pucon does not have one main bus terminal instead various companies have their own terminals. JACs terminal is about 3 Blocks from the main street, Av. Bernardo O'Higgins.To reach the main street, go right once you step outside the gate and continue to walk straight. There are many hostels nearby, however, a lot are located in the opposite direction of the town. Once you are outside the terminal gate take a left, then take the first left. To put simply out the gate, left and left again! (Hostel Pucon Sur Backpackers is on this route which we highly recommend.)

Pullman and TurBus are based in another terminal, but still within walking distance from the town. Coming out of the terminal you need to take a right, and follow the main road right down to the bend. At this bend, you will meet the start of the main shopping street Av. Bernardo O'Higgins.


Santiago bus terminal is far from the city which means you may need to take a taxi depending on where you are staying in the city.  You can take the underground train but again depending on where you are staying it can be difficult to navigate. In this occasion (one of the few), it is good to take a taxi. Remember always be careful and safe when selecting a taxi-driver. Make sure he is uniform or has a badge and ensure you feel comfortable taking a taxi from this person. If you are not comfortable with taking the taxi wait for another driver or ask a member of bus terminal staff to assist you locating a taxi driver.

San Pedro

San Pedro is easy to navigate. Out of the gate/entrance, and take a left. Follow the signs for the centre, main area. The most stressful part of San Pedro de Bus terminal is that it looks like it is in the middle of nowhere. Ok, yes essentially you are in the middle of the driest desert on Earth, but it looks baron and you will think you are miles away from the town. Going left and reaching the first sign you will begin to see houses, hostels, and even trees.

Image by Maciek PELC