Peru’s Bus Terminals


Cusco is another occasion where you will need to take a taxi from the bus terminal. It is too far to attempt a walk to Plaza de Armas. The taxi should cost approx 10sols.


The bus terminal is outside the main area so again a taxi is needed. There are plenty of taxis looking for business. Check the prices before getting into a taxi, prices can be found on a sign close to the pathway. It is approx 7 sols to Plaza de Armas.


All bus terminals are on the main street of Huarez. It’s easy to navigate around this small town however if you arrive on a late bus a taxi is a good option. This is because many of streets look the same and it is possible to wander into an unsafe residential area.


Lima has no bus terminal with bus companies having their own depot scattered around the area. Our recommendations are to get the Oltursa or Cruz Del Sur buses if you want to stay in the Miraflores area. They have a depot close to Miraflores and however it is still recommended to take a taxi. Most taxi drivers need to show ID however if you do not feel safe ask information to help.

Image by Mario Carvajal