South American Food Guide

Here are some of the most popular foods you will find travelling across South America.

Steak and eggs (Argentine Style)

Exactly as it says, succulent steak topped with fried eggs. Argentines like their steak cooked well done but for most steak lovers if its cooked mediano or medium, its soft tender with juicy steak flavours. Add some chimichurri to your steak if you like spices and herbs.

Churasco Sandwich

A steak sandwich with thinly sliced steak cuts. Add mashed avocado, sliced cheese, onions on a soft bun. Some add ham and/or egg to make it ultimate steak sambo. If you get it in the right place you’ll get tender soft pieces that have been marinated with no fat.

Lomo Saltado

A Peruvian beef dish filled with lots of flavour. Essentially it’s a stir-fry with onions, jalapeno peppers cut into strips, coriander (or cilantro) and sliced cut potatoes accompanied with rice on the side. The Jalapeno and coriander fuse together along with other added spices like cumin and paprika to give a delicious stir-fry. No-one should leave Peru without trying a good traditional Lomo Saltado.


Fish lovers will enjoy this well- known dish all over Peru. It can involve different types of white fish, eaten hot or cold. The fish is mixed with coriander, onions and lime to give it a fresh taste. For the best sample got to a reputable eatery otherwise you will not get a true Peruvian Ceviche.


This dish is a Chilean French fries dinner. It contains deep fried sliced potatoes, fried onions and pieces of sliced meat usually beef. No Chorrillana is complete without an egg on top. This dish is usually shared, as all this piled into the plate impossible for one to eat alone. Try it in Valparasio where they are renowned for the traditional meal.


Recotta Releno

This Peruvian side dish is for spice lovers, another one of Peru’s finished dishes. It's a stuffed red pepper with minced meat, raisins, chili peppers and finely chopped boiled egg. Usually the meat is beef but can be chicken. The grounded meat is mixed with hot spicy peppers and topped with cheese.


The pizza in South America is quite different to what Europeans and even North American’s experience. It is deep pan and with layers of cheese piled onto the pizza. As always add your favourite toppings to it but be sure to expect lots of cheese.

Completo or Italiano

The Chilean completo is a hotdog with style. It comes complete with mashed avocado, finely diced tomatoes topped with mayonnaise. The Completo or Italiano can be in the hotdog or hamburger form. It’s an American style dish with Chileano flavor. Have it as a simple snack between meals or with some fries for dinner.


A Latin dish served as a snack, made with from pastry stuffed with different fillings. A variety of empanadas can be found all over South America.The pastry is filled with vegetables, meat, chicken or ham and cheese. Experience a true empanada by visiting a local deli and ordering a homemade empanada. If you love pastry treats nobody should leave Argentina without trying one.

Dulce de Leche

Dulce de leche is exactly what it translates to sweet of milk. Found in Latin America can be used to enhance any dessert. Add it to ice-cream, muffins, toast or sandwich it between two biscuits. The dulce de leche cookies can always be found in a local store. The sweet caramel is thick in texture but is simply irresistible. Found mostly in Chile and Argentina but can be found in other parts of South America if you look hard enough.