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Without a doubt dogs are a huge part of life in South America. Every city and town you will find a dog that will be by your side, following you home or simply trying to keep the spirits high while you make that last few miles of your trek.

Our dog tales begin with a warm Christmas night in Bariloche; 2 dogs local dogs wandered into the pub just like a local punter and took their regular seats, one sitting at the bar on his own while the other in a corner in the back of the bar. Waitresses stepped over them to give punters their drinks. Although this might have been the drink I consumed but I am convinced the barman gave each of them a little wink courtesy nod as they took their seats. From then on we knew our trip would be not only be shaped by the path we took but the dogs we met along the way. 

Here's our collection of diamond dogs we met along the trail across South America.

David Bowie

Like the legend that is David Bowie this Valparasian Dog has two different coloured eyes. He was the star of the cities walking tour. The tour guides named him David Bowie an essential part of the tour. You can find him waiting to greet the cities tourists while they discover the murals at the top of the hill.
Valparasio, Chile

Pucon Pooch

This big dog met us at 6am in the morning on the side of the road. We were on our way to embark on a hike up Vilarrica Volcano. This friendly chappie accompanied us to the tour office and waited with us until the guides arrived to open the shop. This dog was more patient calming the anxious yet sleepy tourists waiting to get going up the volcano.
Pucon, Chile

San Pedro Perro

After a night star gazing the in the Atacama Desert we wandered the streets back to our hostel. This particular night we found this big labrador sitting up-right in the middle of the street. San Pedro has many dogs but we found out later it was bin night so they were all down alleys tearing up the bins, we think this cool dog was there to keep a watch out for the bin men.

Maragua Mungrel

When we reached the cabins at Maragua 3 dogs greeted us at the gates. Lefty as we called him was horribly hurt with his ear in bad shape. Malnourished he was as weak and as hungry as each member of the group after a long days trekking. We gave him our ham and cheese roll we had packed away for emergencies. This of course was an emergency we felt as he needed a good meal more than we did.
Bolivia - Sucre Trek

The Rescue Rex

On the way down the opposite side of the Mirador in Copacabana admittedly slightly lost we came across this rescuer. We followed pathway and left which was literally the road to nowhere. This dog took us through his secret passages down the shoreline and round to safety. We figured he comes across tourist like us trying to take the path less traveled and brought us back to be with the rest of our 2 legged kind.
Mirador, Copacabana.

Rainforest Rambo

This miniature dog stood outside a small roadside shop as you trek through the rainforest. Backpackers stopped to buy some essentials like water, chocolate and give him a little rub. Like David Bowie he had 2 different colored eyes but this dog although looked young old and frail. Like his owner who was 105 years old they both looked like they has seen it all and now watching the world cross their path.
Salkantay Trail

Railway Rover

Across the Salkantay trek over 5 days you will encounter so many fury friends but the one that kept our spirits high was this railway dog. Day 4 of the long 5 day trip is probably the hardest day of them all. Walking the final 11km trekkers are weak and in need of a hot, soapy shower and a long sleep before they make the final climb to Machu Picchu on day 5. This big guy kept the spirits high and helped us reach the old train station just before Aguas Calientes. Knowing we were almost at our destination he then he turned around in pursuit of the next group of trekkers he could support back at the beginning of the railway tracks.
Dedicated to our dogs (Suzie, Freckles, Simba, Cookie, Fraya)

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