Travel Apps

As backpackers its never been more easy to find your way through a city, stay in touch with those at home or even book a hostel. As well as keeping contact through Skype and WhatsApp we have put together a list of great apps for watching the newest movies, keeping up with Premier League football, finding your way across a country and of course speaking the language.  

Travel maps

Map Apps can be downloaded and used on the go ensuring you never lost again. Download the map of your next destination and so at the next bus terminal simply navigate your way to your hostel. Being disorientated from the bus journey is not fun and while this app can unsure your going in the right direction the local town. helps find the way through large cities and identifies the landmarks. Best thing about this app it doesn’t need Wi-Fi so it can be used offline.


read reviews

Hostels Apps, are both great apps that make booking your next hostel easy. Like the websites you can read reviews before you book while on the go. If you're running low on memory the TripAdvisor app is not recommended, but if you want to find a nearby restaurant, then the TripAdvisor app can help you do this with ease. 

Learn Spanish

Spanish language Apps

For learning Spanish, Duolingo is perfect for all levels. It introduces grammar and vocabulary by practicing reading, speaking and writing in Spanish. While Vocabulario is ideal for introducing a more complex range vocabulary it doesn't help you learn how structure sentences.  A good benefit to this App  is that it has European Spanish and South American Spanish settings unlike Duolingo. Spanish Grammar app is another top App which explains rules of grammar, and ensuring you know when to use “o”, and “a”. Its is mainly in note form but handy to have when needed. 

Movie App

Movie Apps

Download ShowBox* to watch the latest movies on the go. It has all new movies and your favourite shows in this simple to use app.  Download movies direct to your phone while in a Wi-Fi spot (like your hostel) and simply watch them off-line. Having the ability to watch movies off-line is a perfect solution to surviving those long bus journeys where they only show Spanish movies. This app comes with a warning; it’s only suitable for android phones and available from Google Play directly.

Netflix is another good movie and TV app however backpackers on an extended trip may not want the expense of Netflix.

Sports App, Premier League

Sports App

For all the soccer fans out there Mobdro* is an app that shows all soccer matches live. It’s a streaming app, so if the hostel doesn’t have cable or your match isn’t on local TV this is a great app to catch your favourite soccer team playing.  Be careful though it can freeze.


Be Careful

*Please remember this is just advice, and we are not reasonable for downloading problems. Download these apps with care and responsibility. Always remember to have good virus protection for your phone.